Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Teaser Analysis

Written by Aaron Radcliff:

If you remember back to my review of Murder on the Orient Express, I made it pretty clear that I loved Jurassic Park growing up. If anything, my love of the franchise and dinosaurs in general has only increased as the years have passed. So imagine my surprise and joy to see that a teaser trailer dropped for the upcoming movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Normally most people would rather wait until a full trailer comes out before digging into the nitty-gritty of everything, but I’m not patient enough to wait until the end of the week to see the whole thing.

*Note: Some of the things being discussed are from the teaser shown on television rather than the one found on the Universal YouTube page. Due to the quality of the videos and photos, only the link to the original trailer will be posted.



Obviously there’s not much that can be assessed off of a 15-second trailer, but we get our first concrete evidence that the eruption of Mount Sibo will play a part in the film’s plot. In the snippet, we see that Owen (Chris Pratt), Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), and an unnamed scientist (Justice Smith) have managed to find their way to the northern part of Isla Nublar right as the volcano decides to blow its lid. There’s been rampant speculation among fans if Sibo would have any role and we get our answer.

While we have no concrete confirmation yet of the entire plot, we see from an image in another teaser what is obviously fan favorite Rexy in a transportation cage much like the male Rex in The Lost World. Much of the speculation has been that the film will involve moving the dinosaurs off of the island and to a new location. Where that location will be remains to be seen, but with filming having taken place in England, we could very well see Rexy, a raptor, or something else eat a Cockney or two.



While the online teaser only gave us shots of returning dinosaurs, the other gives us something much more terrifying. We momentarily see a new dinosaur walking out of what appears to be a tunnel somewhere inside (perhaps the speculated Lockwood Manor).

It has been confirmed that the Baryonyx WILL be in Jurassic World which excites me greatly. We also know that we can expect a new hybrid known as the Indoraptor based on reports during production regarding copyrights being filed for the name.

In the teaser, we see one of these new dinos walking out…but which is it? The debate has raged between which it is with even Jurassic Outpost claiming it is in fact the Baryonyx. While I personally think it’s the Indoraptor, I won’t get into the whole argument, but I will applaud the writers for bringing in fresh blood regarding our cold-blooded monsters. But what really strikes me about the image we get is the location. Why’s that? See below.



As stated, it appears to be in some underground area where Claire and the new scientist are when we see the new dino. And with director J.A. Bayona stating that he was going for a much darker film, this looks like we could have a call back to the first Jurassic Park. The first two acts were a grand experience with the final act transforming into a survival thriller as everyone attempts to escape the raptors.

We add this into the dramatic sequence of Mount Sibo erupting and the harsher, darker colors and we can see that this could (and possibly will) go from fun action movie to survival horror which I am DEFINITELY hoping for.



They actually look good. Yes, I said it. After the first Jurassic World strayed almost entirely into the realm of CGI, Bayona decided to bring back practical effects in addition to the CGI. That technique is what made the dinosaurs in the first film look so realistic and they appear to have gotten some color back into their cheeks.



I do realize that I’m putting far too much emphasis and analysis into a teaser trailer rather than the full-length one, but nowadays we can get a lot of information from teasers. While it appears to me that a lot of the speculations that have circled this movie have been answered, I can’t help but think we will get a couple more answers, and even more questions, when the full-length trailer drops at the end of this week.

If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, check it out below and let me know your thoughts.


Image and link via Universal Pictures





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