75th Golden Globe Picks: Film

Written by Aaron Radcliff:

The 75th Golden Globes are tonight and eyes will be trained on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as they divvy up this year’s awards, recognizing the best in film and television. Seeing as this is a film blog, it’s only fair that I throw in my two cents on this year’s nominees and pick my winners from the film categories. I say “pick my winners” rather than “predict” because taste and preference differs from person to person, and I wouldn’t presume to know what the HFPA does and doesn’t like.

While the Globes have the “lighter” feel than the Oscars, they also elicit the idea (to me at least) that they award based on enjoyment rather than technical skill. While that’s not the case, that’s how I’ve always perceived it and that’s how I’m going to make these picks. Each pick will be made on the combination of the overall performance plus my enjoyment, whereas my eventual Oscar picks will be made based on simply the skill.

Clear as mud? Good. Let’s get this party started.


Best Original Song

Home — Ferdinand

Mighty River — Mudbound

Remember Me — Coco

The Star — The Star

This is Me — The Greatest Showman

WINNERRemember Me

Even though Mighty River is an incredible song, you can’t deny that Remember Me was the emotional climax of Coco. There’s rarely a dry eye when this song plays toward the end of the movie and it packs an incredibly powerful punch. Beautiful and touching, Remember Me is the most memorable song of all the nominees and from its own soundtrack which is already stacked with memorable songs.


Best Original Score

Carter Burwell — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Alexandre Desplat — The Shape of Water

Jonny Greenwood — Phantom Thread

John Williams — The Post

Hans Zimmer — Dunkirk

WINNERAlexandre Desplat

While I was tempted to give the nod to Hans Zimmer, I noticed a clear distinction. Zimmer’s soundtrack, while good, only came in at times to accentuate important scenes, making them stand out from the otherwise quiet/non-musical scenes. But Desplat’s soundtrack gave a sense of atmosphere to The Shape of Water, almost making it into an unseen character. It really ties all of the scenes together and seemingly gives the mute Elisa her own voice.


Best Foreign Language Film

A Fantastic Woman — Chile

First They Killed My Father — Cambodia

In the Fade — Germany/France

Loveless — Russia

The Square — Sweden/Germany/France

WINNERFirst They Killed My Father

Easily Angelina Jolie’s best work as a director, this Cambodian war drama tells the story Loung Ung as she lives through the rise of the Khmer Rouge and is forced into hard labor and becoming a child soldier. Sobering and unflinching in its depictions of life under the oppressive regime, First They Killed My Father is a gripping movie that won’t let go, even after the credits start.


Best Animated Film

The Boss Baby

The Breadwinner



Loving Vincent


While the creative team behind Loving Vincent should be given praise for their artistic work, the overall film doesn’t hold a candle to Coco’s jaw-dropping visuals and heartfelt story.


Best Screenplay

Guillermo del Toro/Vanessa Taylor — The Shape of Water

Greta Gerwig — Lady Bird

Liz Hannah/Josh Singer — The Post

Martin McDonagh — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Aaron Sorkin — Molly’s Game

WINNER: Greta Gerwig

I can’t say enough about the job that Gerwig did on this film. Her loosely-based/semi-autobiographical-but-not-an-autobiography approach to writing this screenplay ended up making one of the most enjoyable and relatable movies of last year.


Best Supporting Actor (Drama/Musical/Comedy)

Willem Dafoe — The Florida Project

Armie Hammer — Call Me By Your Name

Richard Jenkins — The Shape of Water

Sam Rockwell — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Christopher Plummer — All the Money in the World

WINNER: Sam Rockwell

This is the first award that you might see me choose differently once the Oscars arrive. While Christopher Plummer did a fantastic job and I loved hating him in his portrayal of J.P. Getty, Sam Rockwell’s Officer Dixon runs the full marathon. He goes from being a funny but extremely unlikable prick to a sympathetic yet extremely flawed good guy. He made me hate him, enjoy him, and eventually like him all in the span of the runtime.


Best Supporting Actress (Drama/Musical/Comedy)

Mary J. Blige — Mudbound

Hong Chau — Downsizing

Allison Janney — I, Tonya

Laurie Metcalf — Lady Bird

Octavia Spencer — The Shape of Water

WINNER: Allison Janney

What I said for the last award applies here, too. Laurie Metcalf did a fantastic job in her role in Lady Bird, but I just can’t deny the enjoyment I had watching Janney take on the role of Tonya Harding’s crude, ill-tempered, foul-mouthed mother. This one simply comes down to which I enjoyed most, and Janney blew them all out of the water in that regard.


Best Actor (Musical/Comedy)

Steve Carell — Battle of the Sexes

Ansel Elgort — Baby Driver

James Franco — The Disaster Artist

Hugh Jackman — The Greatest Showman

Daniel Kaluuya — Get Out

WINNER: James Franco

Yes, I know that Get Out being nominated in the Comedy category is…well, laughable…I have to say that Kaluuya did a fantastic job. Honestly, if he was in the Drama category, I’d probably pick him as my winner. And if he does take home the award, I’ll be extremely happy for him. Unfortunately, he’s stuck here in the Musical/Comedy one and if I have to pick between that and James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, I’m sorry, but I’m taking Franco. Again, this comes down more to the overall enjoyment edging out technical skill of the performance. While Kaluuya had me on the edge of my seat in Get Out, Franco had me struggling to get back into my seat from laughing so much in The Disaster Artist.


Best Actress (Musical/Comedy)

Judi Dench — Victoria and Abdul

Helen Mirren — The Leisure Seeker

Margot Robbie — I, Tonya

Saoirse Ronan — Lady Bird

Emma Stone — Battle of the Sexes

WINNERSaoirse Ronan

Ronan had Globe nominations in 2008 and 2016 which she rode into Oscar nominations. Unfortunately, she didn’t take home the hardware, but not this year. I keep throwing around the word “relatable” when talking about Lady Bird, but its the truth. Ronan brings Greta Gerwig’s script to life in more ways than one and it’s why she will finally take home a Golden Globe and maybe even an Oscar.


Best Actor (Drama)

Gary Oldman — Darkest Hour

Timothée Chalamet — Call Me By Your Name

Daniel Day-Lewis — Phantom Thread

Tom Hanks — The Post

Denzel Washington — Roman J. Israel, Esq.

WINNER: Gary Oldman

Like I said a few awards back, if Daniel Kaluuya was in this category, this would be his award. But since he’s not here, then there’s nobody who can stop Oldman from taking the award. Oldman delivers an enjoyable performance as Winston Churchill, assisted by an incredible transformation to look like the famed Prime Minister. Oldman had the look, the talk, and even allegedly gave himself nicotine poisoning and spent nearly $20,000 on cigars just like what Churchill smoked he was that committed to the role. You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth, and you cannot keep Gary Oldman from taking home the hardware.


Best Actress (Drama)

Jessica Chastain — Molly’s Game

Sally Hawkins — The Shape of Water

Frances McDormand — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Meryl Streep — The Post

Michelle Williams — All the Money in the World

WINNERSally Hawkins

Ah, how I “hmm’d,” oh, how I “ahh’d” between McDormand and Hawkins. While McDormand has been the awards darling, and rightfully so, I ended up going with Hawkins. While I wouldn’t be upset if either of these women won the award, I found myself ultimately drawn more to Hawkins’ performance. While McDormand was great and hilarious throughout, Hawkins managed to be charming and endearing all without saying a single word.


Best Director

Guillermo del Toro — The Shape of Water

Martin McDonagh — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Christopher Nolan — Dunkirk

Ridley Scott — All the Money in the World

Steven Spielberg — The Post

WINNERGuillermo del Toro

This was actually more of a toss-up for me than you might think between del Toro and Nolan. While Dunkirk didn’t land for me, I can definitely appreciate all of the work and technical aspects that went into the movie, However, I feel like that’s where it’ll take home the awards when the Oscars roll around. Del Toro has given us glimpses into the dark fantasy realms he can create with nary a hint of the recognition he’s rightfully deserved, but now his time has come. Beautifully shot and hauntingly atmospheric, del Toro is, without a doubt, the most deserving.


Best Picture (Musical or Comedy)

Get Out

The Disaster Artist

I, Tonya

The Greatest Showman

Lady Bird


Again, I know all the hoopla of this being in the Musical/Comedy category despite being a horror/thriller, but this is a fantastic movie. With the exception of The Greatest Showman, all of these films made it into my Top 15, but you just can’t deny how great Get Out really was. A socially conscious thriller, this movie was the shock to the system and entire genre needed. People might say Get Out will win simply as penance for not putting it in Drama, but I say you should bite your thumb at these people. While that could be the case for some, Get Out really is just that good, regardless of the category it’s put in.


Best Picture (Drama)

Call Me By Your Name


The Post

The Shape of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

WINNERCall Me By Your Name

Be honest, you thought I was going to pick The Shape of Water, didn’t you? That’s a fair opinion to have given how much I’ve gushed over del Toro, but that isn’t the case. While the Globes are known to go a tad more…experimental…with their picks (which feels really wrong to say when deciding between a movie about love between two men and love between a woman and a fish monster), I think it’s fair to assume that we’ll see The Shape of Water take it this Sunday, but don’t be surprised if the Academy swings another direction when the time comes. Call Me By Your Name is just so entrancing and touching and heartbreaking and everything under the sun. It truly is a special movie.


Those were my picks (not predictions) for the film categories of the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Let me know what your picks are and we can see who had the most correct when they hand out the awards tonight at 8.



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