Review: Reinventing Rosalee

Content sponsored by myCinema Written by Aaron Radcliff: In the world of movies, finding one meant to inspire you can be as easy as making Instant Rice. The dime-a-dozen routine is played out and only manages to stand out in incredible instances. But that’s fiction. It’s easy to fabricate a feel-good story that feels disingenuous.... Continue Reading →

2019 Academy Award Nominee Reactions

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Boy howdy were there some interesting choices for this year's Oscar nominees. If you haven't seen the whole list, you can here. Like I said in my prediction article, there's sure to be some hot takes and arguments, and I have a few of my own.   No Best Picture Nomination... Continue Reading →

Review: On the Basis of Sex

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Biopics can be a tricky thing. If you decide to make it on someone not that interesting, finding enough things to focus on can be difficult. If you make it about someone larger than life, you run the risk of being overstuffed and convoluted (looking at you, Bohemian Rhapsody). What manages... Continue Reading →

Review: First Man

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Everyone knows of the moon landing. Whether you watched it happen or you saw the grainy pictures in textbooks, everyone knows the event. Everyone knows the names of the men and the famous "One small step" quote. But not everyone knows the story behind the landing. First Man gives a poignant, in-depth... Continue Reading →

Review: The Landing

This review is sponsored by myCinema Written by Aaron Radcliff: Everyone loves a good conspiracy. For as long as we can remember, conspiracies have found their way into public consciousness and lit a fire of curiosity among many. Besides the September 11th Attacks, there perhaps isn’t a more hotly debated subject than space. From aliens... Continue Reading →

2018 Oscar Nomination Takeaways

Written by Aaron Radcliff: The time has come once again, dear readers. Lines are being drawn and sides picked. Homes are on a crash course with disaster as the coming conflict will result in shattered lives, divided communities, and will pit brother against brother. That's right: The Academy Award nominees were announced. I'd be lying... Continue Reading →

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