My Favorite Films of All-Time

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Over the years, I've been asked what my favorite movies are. Seeing as I've been running this blog for nearly two and a half years, I figured my 25th birthday would be the best time to open up that side of my cinematic love. It's time to unveil the movies that... Continue Reading →

Review: Bad Boys for Life

Written by Aaron Radcliff: When you look at Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's filmographies, you'll undoubtedly find far better and more memorable films than any of the Bad Boys movies. Ok, maybe not so for Lawrence. In spite of that, the first two films in the trilogy managed to carve out their own places in my... Continue Reading →

Review: 1917

Written by Aaron Radcliff: World War 1 was dubbed "The War to End All Wars" for a reason. It gave the first wide glimpse at the horrors of war, brought forth by changing political landscapes and horrifying advances in technology. With the likes of World War 2, Vietnam, and current conflicts in the Middle East... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Films of 2019

Written by Aaron Radcliff: If I may be honest for a moment, I think I used my solid opening in my Top 50 Films of the 2010's article. However, if you thought that I was going to scrap a year-end list simply because I did a decade-end one, then you obviously don't know me and... Continue Reading →

Top 50 Films of the 2010’s

Written by Aaron Radcliff: The 2010's have brought incredible changes to the cinema landscape, for better and for worse. Disney and the MCU have expanded their reach beyond the stars into what can best be described as a real-life Galactic Empire. Streaming services like Netflix have changed the game for releases. Minority groups have started... Continue Reading →

Review: Marriage Story

Written by Aaron Radcliff: "Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best and divorce lawyers see good people at their worst," says Ray Liotta's scummy lawyer as he gives legal counsel to Adam Driver's character, Charlie Barber. Nearly halfway through Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story, it seems as though things couldn't get much worse for former couple... Continue Reading →

Review: Knives Out

Written by Aaron Radcliff: When we last left acclaimed writer-director Rian Johnson, people were divided, to put it gently, about his take on the beloved Star Wars franchise with The Last Jedi. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot along with his prior film, Looper. The man knows how to write a good story, so naturally that talent should lend itself... Continue Reading →

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