Review: Deadpool 2

Written by Aaron Radcliff: "This is a family film," Deadpool proclaims mere minutes into the anticipated sequel of the 2016 smash hit. Never let it be said that the writers don't know how to keep to their word...even if our interpretation of "love story" and "family film" might differ a bit. Deadpool 2 picks up two... Continue Reading →


Keanu Reeves’ Next Film is…a Romantic Comedy?

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Over the last few years, Keanu Reeves has secured his spot as a go-to action star with quiet, brooding mystique. The John Wick star has several projects coming down the line, but none is probably more surprising than Destination Wedding. Reeves partners with Winona Ryder in this deadpan romantic comedy that sees two completely... Continue Reading →

Review: Breaking In

Written by Aaron Radcliff: It's tough work being a mother. It's hard, thankless work that's often gone overlooked by many all in the pursuit of raising a family and giving their kids the best life possible. Some could say it's easy to underestimate just how much moms do and what they're truly capable of. Such... Continue Reading →

Review: Bad Samaritan

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Hark! Infinity War begins its second week of release and, as you'd expect, it continues its inevitably long march of destruction, crushing anything in its path underfoot like a horde of Mûmakil through the Pelennor Fields. If a distribution company be so brave to release a movie now, there can be only one reason:... Continue Reading →

Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Written by Aaron Radcliff: It's finally here, everyone. Ten years of effort are finally coming together for the ultimate showdown in the crown jewel of the MCU. All of the time and development have led to the showdown fans have been waiting for. I think we all know what the plot is, so let's just... Continue Reading →

New Trailer Gives First Look at Venom

Written by Aaron Radcliff: After a secretive first trailer dropped a few months back for Venom, fans had been clamoring for a look at Tom Hardy in the title role. In a new trailer released last night at CinemaCon, the world finally got to see the symbiote in all its glory. While major plot details are still... Continue Reading →

Review: Super Troopers 2

Written by Aaron Radcliff: The guys in Broken Lizard have been in the comedy scene for a long time and are no strangers to penning hit comedies, but their last success was back in 2006 with Beerfest. Their biggest hit, however, was 2001's Super Troopers. Now, the crew are back with the long-awaited sequel about our favorite group of... Continue Reading →

Review: Rampage

Written by Aaron Radcliff: I remember growing up and playing my brother's old NES (lest we forget it was released in North America in '85 and I came along ten years later). One of the games I would play was Rampage. So imagine my surprise and nostalgic interest when it was announced that a movie based on... Continue Reading →

Review: A Quiet Place

Written by Aaron Radcliff: Horror has always been a hit-and-miss genre. While the medium has gotten better over the last several years, there are still many bland/bad movies out there. So when it was announced that John Krasinski (or Jim from The Office as many would know him) had helped write, directed, and starred in a horror... Continue Reading →

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